Prof. Kenji Shinozaki

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Welding & Joining Development of High Quality / High Efficiency Welding Process using Hot-wire Laser Welding / Blazing Process

Quantitative and in-situ Evaluation of Metallurgical Phenomenon during Welding and Cracking Susceptibility in Dissimilar Welds
  • Kenji Shinozaki,
  • Motomichi Yamamoto,
  • Corrosion characterization Evaluation, Corrosion Engineering Development, Corrosion Monitoring of Welded parts
  • Yoshinori Isomoto
  • Material Characteristics Evaluation of Welded Joints.
  • Atsushi Sugeta,
  • Hiroyuki Akebono
  • Surface modification & Surface treatment Development of Innovative surface modification & laser peening techniques
  • Atsushi Sugeta,
  • Masahiko Kato,
  • Hiroyuki Akebono
  • Development & Application of Laser Cleaning Technology
  • Yukio Manabe
  • Metal forming Difficult sheet metal forming using knowledge of Incremental forming, Path-dependency, Temperature dependency, Stress relaxation and Large strain deformation characteristics
  • Ryutaro Hino,
  • Hiroshi Hamasaki
  • Additive manufacturing & Sintering Development of nano-printed advanced medical parts by laser 3D printer & high-speed centrifugal compaction process.
  • Hiroyuki Y. Suzuki,
  • Nobuhiro Nishino
  • New material manufacturing process Compositional optimization on the basis of atomic and electronic level / structural optimization by nano-scale approach, for creation of newly advanced materials
  • Gen Sasaki,
  • Kazuhiro Matsugi,
  • Kenjiro Sugio,
  • Yongbum Choi,
  • Zhefeng Xu
  • Amputating & Cutting process Development of Technology of Laser Assisted Machining and Thermal Stress Cleaving with Laser
  • Keiji Yamada,
  • Ryutaro Tanaka,
  • Katsuhiko Sekiya
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    Hi-NoM constructs a consortium with local industry in the bridge of Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute and Center for Collaborative research & Community Cooperation in Hiroshima University. The consortium plays an important role for dissemination of novel research results from Hiroshima University, research fund acquisition and human resource development. The consortium also contribute to the development of advanced manufacturing technologies as well as experienced engineers.

    In addition, the promotion of international collaboration is also the vital mission for Hi-NoM. We will accept foreign student from partner universities, provide an education program for foreign engineer of the consortium companies, and support the technology transfer from Japan to overseas bases.

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