About Hi-NoM

Hiroshima University is located in Higashi-Hiroshima city in the Seto Inland Sea coast region that is one large accumulation region of manufacturing industries in Japan.

This research center aims to support not only the contribution to the improvement of the technology of the manufacturing industries of the Hiroshima prefecture and to nurture of human resources through a novel "manufacturing" research but also globalizations of manufacturing.

Recently, rapid development will be expected as for the laser heat source in the future. Therefore, there are six kinds of researching processing and main topics of novel research of each process assisted by laser are as follows.

  1. 1. Welding and joining: Development of high quality and high efficient welding technique using hot-wire and laser hybrid system.
  2. 2. Surface modification, surface treatment: Surface modification by nano-shape controlling, development of film with superior function, development of nano structures・Development of application technique for laser cleaning method.
  3. 3. Plastic forming: Development of forming technologies for hard-to-form sheet metals considering / utilizing incremental stretching assisted by laser local heating, path dependency / temperature dependency of formability, stress relaxation and mechanical properties at large plastic strain
  4. 4. Additive manufacturing and sintering: Fabrication of nano-printing structures and advanced medical devices using laser 3D printer and powder metallurgy technology.
  5. 5. Innovative materials development: Compositional optimization on the basis of atomic and electronic level / structural optimization by nano-scale approach, for creation of newly advanced materials.
  6. 6. Cutting and cleaving: Development of laser-assisted cutting/grinding and thermal stress cleaving technique.

These researches are executed in the system of an industrial-government-academic joint research. In addition, research results are immediately applied for the practical use.

This research center aims to accept the students in employment for doctoral programs and the international students positively and to contribute to the globalization of the university and companies through research.

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